About Chandler Family Chiropractic

Meet the Doctor

drchandler01Dr. Denise Chandler is a native of Northwest Arkansas. Her interest in health and wellness began at a very early age as her younger brother struggled with poor health and her family witnessed his miraculous healing that occurred when he began chiropractic care. She later understood that his health problems began during a difficult birth process. Enjoying optimal health as a young person, which she credits to regular chiropractic care along with healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle, choosing a career in chiropractic seemed a perfect fit. Her desire to help others reach their God-given potential led her to the University of Arkansas followed by graduate studies at the prestigious Parker College of  Chiropractic.

Throughout her career at Chandler Family Chiropractic, Dr. Chandler has continued to stay abreast of current research and improved techniques in an effort to maximize her patient’s health potential. It is her passion to educate as many families as possible about what true health is and how they can achieve it.

Our goal at Chandler Family Chiropractic is to change the way patients view and manage their health beginning with understanding that an optimally functioning spine and nervous system are at the heart  of the topic. It is our desire to help patients take control of their health by teaching them the principles of how the body functions, empowering them to reach their lifetime health goals.