Vanquish Body Shaping and Fat Contouring


What is Vanquish?


It is the only contactless fat contouring device that uses RF technology.

What makes this procedure unique is its ability to target fat with deep-tissue heating, which in turn causes lipolysis, without touching the skin. The device has high-tech sensors that are able to detect the fat levels in your body, and then deliver a customized level of energy to heat and liquefy the fat. The best part is that the body naturally flushes the dead fat cells, without the need for surgery!

Also, the Vanquish device is large enough to target a much more expansive area than ever.  More surface area per treatment translates into less time and money for the patient. Results are quicker and faster than comparable devices with significantly less discomfort.

The Vanquish treatment is by far the easiest and most comfortable to help you lose those unwanted bulges and inches because nothing touches your body.

Vanquish is a liposuction alternative as it actually kills the fat cells as opposed to the average diet and exercise program which only shrinks the fat cells.


Is Vanquish for me?


The treatment is safe for any healthy patient who experiences one of more of the following:

  • You may have a regular workout routine that simply does not address stubborn pockets or areas of fat such as muffin top, love handles etc.
  • Desire body contouring without the cost and recovery of surgery.
  • Does not have a lot of extra time for lengthy treatments.


How many Vanquish treatments do I need?


The typical number of Vanquish treatments required to experience body contouring results ranges between 4 to 6 sessions over the course of a few weeks. Vanquish ME™  treatments are usually scheduled anywhere between 7 to 10 days apart (Many patients have experienced results within just a few weeks).


Why choose Vanquish?


  • No needles or anesthesia
  • No pain or downtime
  • Lasting and proven results
  • Minimal risk of side effects
  • Treatments last just 30 minutes
  • It is the world’s most advanced body contouring device and has the largest spot size to cover the entire abdominal area


Vanquish results


Results vary from patient to patient and are dependent on several factors that are different for each patient. Many patients experience a significant circumferential reduction of their abdomen. For the best results, we recommend light exercise and utilizing a healthy diet and drinking lots of water.


Is Vanquish ME safe?


The treated body part is located in the high-frequency electric field. The temperature increases to apoptic (ruptures the fat cells) levels in the fat tissue while the surrounding tissue remains protected from apoptic temperature levels. The procedure is painless and 100% safe.